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Hi! You can call me Zihan

I am an undergraduate from Zhejiang University, major in industrial design of Computer Science College, and minor in the advanced education engineering class of CHU KOCHEN Honors college. Fortunately, I am doing research in UCLA HCI Research, advised by Prof. Xiang 'Anthony' Chen and Prof. Yang Zhang. Besides, I was also lucky enough to have the chance to work closely with Prof. Cheng Zhang in SciFi Lab of Cornell University.

My experience spans the domain of ubiquitous computing, wearables sensing, accessibility, user-centered design, and computational fabrication. My works are mainly around Wearable Sensing, and I try to explore wearable Sensing from three perspectives.

  • Firstly, I enjoy building wearable systems from the bottom to the top, including fabrication and hardware assembly, deep learning algorithm development, computational interaction design.
  • Secondly, I try to measure in what ways will wearable sensing change people's attention, perception, cognition and behavior. 
  • Finally, I would like to explore intelligent user interfaces based on user-centered design, through which wearables might play a great application value in many fields, such as health, special population assistance and so on. 

I am applying for a PhD program fall2022. You can check in my CV for further information.

Research Experience



Eye-trackingAugmented Reality (AR)

Prof. Xiangdong LiProf. Preben Hansen

SciFi Lab @ Cornell

Silent Speech RecognitionHand-tracking

Prof. Cheng Zhang

Digital Fabrication @ ZJU

Shape-changing Interfaces

Prof. Guanyun Wang


Wearable Sensing & User Interface & Specific Application


EmoGlass: an End-to-End AI-Enabled Wearable Platform for Enhancing Self-Awareness of Emotional Health

Zihan Yan, Yang Zhang, Yufei Wu, Xiang ‘Anthony’Chen



Reducing Cognitive Loads in Parcel Scanning with Eye Tracking-based Augmented Reality Headset

Zihan Yan, Yufei Wu, Yiyang Li, Yifei Shan, Preben Hansen, Xiangdong Li

IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine SystemsSubmitted

Wearable Sensing & Computer Vision & Activity Tracking


ARGaze: A Dataset of Eye Gaze Images for Calibration-Free Eye Tracking with Augmented Reality Headset

Zihan Yan, Yue Wu, Yifei Shan, Wenqian Chen, Xiangdong Li

Journal of Nature-Scientific DataRevised version submitted


SpeeChin: A Smart Necklace for Silent Speech Recognition

Ruidong Zhang, Mingyang Chen, Benjamin Steeper, Yaxuan Li, Zihan Yan, Yizhuo Chen, Songyun Tao, Tuochao Chen, Hyunchul Lim, Cheng Zhang

IMWUT2021Revised version submitted

Wearable Sensing & Fabrication


ThermoFit: On-Skin, On-Demand Thermoforming of Rigid Body-Fitting Wearables

Guanyun Wang, Yue Yang, Zihan Yan, Qiang Cui, Deying Pan, Danli Luo, Yiming Zhang, Zihong Zhou, Junzhe Ji, Jiaji Li, Ye Tao, Lingyun Sun



SenseNet: Designing a Reconfigurable Electronic Net with Stereoscopic Sensing

Lingyun Sun, Zihong Zhou, Qiang Cui, Yinyu Lu, Deying Pan, Jiaji Li, Zihan Yan, Danli, Yang Zhang, Ye Tao, Guanyun Wang


Wearable Sensing & Perception Measurement


Moment-to-Moment Continuous Attention Fluctuation Monitoring through Consumer-Grade EEG Device

Shan Zhang*, Zihan Yan*, Shardul Sapkota, Shengdong Zhao, Wei-Tsang Ooi



Gender Differences of Cognitive Loads in Augmented Reality-based Warehouse

Zihan Yan, Yifei Shan, Kailin Yin, Yiyang Li, Xiangdong Li

Conference Paper A, IEEE VR 2021PDFDOI


In addition to HCI researcher, I enjoy the role of designer, using works to demonstrate my love of life, my observation of the world, and my curiosity about people.

Tangible Product Design

UX Design

Mobile Game Design

Visual Design

Patents for Invention