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a game to arouse people’s awareness of water protection

Zihan Yan, Yinru Yu, Yanyan Liu, Kaiqi Jiang

Although water pollution is becoming more and more serious, protecting the water environment is still preoccupied with slogans rather than actions for most people. To solve this problem, we designed a cellphone obstacle crossing game APP that’s both fun and educational. This APP aims to deliver environmental protection concepts, knowledge of protecting water, and the importance of practical actions to people.

There are too many games with the theme of environmental protection. They emphasize games rather than popular science; the other part has the heart of popular science, but it stops at popular science and does not effectively guide environmental protection actions. "Flooow" is based on competing products, Integrated and optimized. Relying on Unity development to create a 3D immersive game experience based on the gyroscope and gravity sensing to achieve a strong sense of interaction.

The game is based on the story mode, with props collection and home development as its features. Other than the adventure part, we hope to awaken players' environmental awareness and sense of responsibility by allowing them to raise the aquatic animals they saved. Furthermore, We also added an introduction to each marine animal in the game to make sure that Flooow retains the game's fun while carrying a large amount of popular science information.

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