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“Urban Peach Garden”

a group of interactive devices design for shopping mall

Zihan Yan, Kaiqi Jiang, Yinru Yu, Xinyan Li, Yanyan Liu


Shopping malls always need to attract more customers, so they would like to use interactive devices to draw people's attention and thus promote consumption. However, the interactive devices in most shopping malls are very homogeneous, lacking the feeling of immersion. So we proposed the theme of "Urban Peach Garden (都市桃林)" based on the concept of "the 'greater hermit' does so in the city (大隐隐于市)," which is relevant to the slow, healthy and comfortable life theme of our city. We would like to build a comprehensive shopping ecosystem, exporting the potential brand value and creating a novel interaction experience. Thus, We designed four interactive devices according to different brand characteristics on different floors of the mall and constructed a story line of finding the peach garden. In this case, consumer groups can achieve a spiritual resonance when shopping around.

Note: In China, the Peach Garden has an abstract meaning, alluding to the spiritual home that scholars long to pursue.

Interactive Device 1: Take the road

Tired of the disturbance of the city, (如果你也厌倦了城市的纷扰)weighted down of the loneliness, (厌倦了带着一些烟火气的城市微孤独)please run with me all the way. (请随我一路狂奔)Come here, (到这儿来)to escape the pressures of the city, (逃离都市的压力)and embark on a journey far away, (踏上前往远方的旅途)rediscover the blend of youth and nature, (重新寻找青春和自然的交融)longing for a leisurely return to pure life,(渴望一段回归纯真生活的悠闲时光)discover the peach garden in your soul (发现你灵魂深处的桃花源)

Design concept: The inspiration comes from A Tale of the Fountain of the Peach Blossom Spring. Through the presentation of the visual elements, such as peach forest and stream, to create a fairyland atmosphere, in which people can feel the freedom and get rid of te boredom of life. of activities and gradually wake up from the peach garden.

Interaction: When the user approaches the device, the nearest sprinkler in the fountain will spray water. When there is a large flow of people, the water and speed of the fountain will change rhythmically.

device preview 1device preview 2

Interactive Device 2: Illusion (桃源异境)

I wonder if you're like us (不知你是否和我们一样)Have been through so much exile (经历了太多的天涯放逐)Accustomed to the forced smile in working settings, (已习惯了用云淡风轻的强颜欢笑,)To aground some time in the panic. (来搁浅流年里曾有的慌乱。)But here (但这里)Know nothing about the change of dynasties (“不知有汉,无论魏晋”)Time stops here, history disappears here (时间在这里停止,历史在这里消失)We believe that (我们相信)There are clouds of water in the heart, everywhere. (心有水云间,处处桃花源。)Everyone can find their own paradise in the hustle and bustle of the city(每一个人都能在喧嚣都市中找到自己的桃花源)May this peach garden be different (愿这个桃园异境)This transcendent secular vision different space (这个超脱世俗的视觉异空间)Can take you on an escape from the city (能带你开启逃离都市之旅)

Design Concept: Looking for the peach garden is a tortuous process, so replacing simple passageways with mazes is more suitable for the peach garden. The external wall simulates the shape of the mountain, and the color changes from the outside to the inside, giving people a feeling of entering another ideal world.

Interaction: The Peach Land is made up of mazes and interactive trees. Maze partial metope has an interactive touch screen, enabling changing the shape of fractal animation of peach blossom in the broadcast via users’ touch. The maze features three rotating peach-blossom pods at the end of a dead-end, giving the illusion of a bright future.

device preview 3

Interactive Device 3: the Mirror (遇镜花水月)

Some stay up late to get closer to their dreams (有人熬夜为了离梦想更近)Some stay up late just to be themselves(有人熬夜只是因为深夜才有点自己的时间)Some stay up late because they are stressed (有人熬夜是因为压力过大)Maybe you (或许你)Stay up late for freedom (用熬夜换自由)Or perhaps (又或许)You're forced to work into the wee hours (你为生计所迫加班到凌晨)Too much urban pressure (过大的都市压力)Let you, let us(让你,让我们)Forming late sleep compulsion (形成了晚睡强迫症)The ancients worked when the sun rose and rested when the sun set. (古人日出而作,日落而息,按时休息,)We hope this "interactive peach pillow wall."(我们希望这个“交互桃型枕头墙”)Can give you an emotional connection with the pillow(能让你和枕头建立情感联系)Also allow you to indulge in the scenery of "romantic love, snow and moon"(也让你沉醉于“风花雪月”的世外桃源之景)

Interaction: We installed a RGB-D camera in the middle of each peach to enable gesture recognition, and thus users can gestures to control the opening and falling of each peach blossom.

device preview 4

Interactive Device 4: Phonograph (谈笑留声)

There has never been a time when social demands were so high (从来没有哪一个时代,对社交要求如此之高)Social isolation, social apathy (社交孤立、社会冷漠)Make strong social ties almost impossible (让牢固的社会关系成为镜中花,水中月)We all have a cocoon(我们都有一个茧)The disturbing silk builds a nest of mortar (烦扰的丝筑成巢臼)White cocoon wrapped the pace (洁白的茧缠裹步伐)Anger rises with sorrow (悲哀同时升起怒火)We want this "talk and laugh and leave a voice" interactive device (我们希望“谈笑留声”互动装置)makes you say things you wouldn't normally say (可以让你说出平时不敢说的话)Or maybe keeps something special for you (又或许是留住对你很特别的话)

Design Concept: Almost everyone wants to keep some specific words forever. Thus, we would like to make the invisible words be the tangible objects, which can be kept easily.

Interaction: We visualize voice by parsing the voice waves that correspond to it. Based on waves, we designed a unique picture, which can be printed as a tangible card.

device preview 5device preview 6

The End

Maybe you'll eventually come back to the city (或许你终将又将回到都市中)Drinking coffee, looking out the window at the scenery, watching the people walking by the office (喝咖啡,看窗外的布景、观察办公室外走过的人群)May you find peace in everything(愿你能在一事一物中找到了安逸)Not only feel comfortable but also enjoy the present city micro loneliness (既感受着自在也享受着当下的这一份都市微孤独)Happily seek perfection in imperfection, (乐得其所地在不完美中寻找完美,)As an urban peach grove recluse, (以都市桃林隐居者的身份,)Stop, get to know and love this beautiful city. (停下来,了解着并深爱着这座美丽的城市。)

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