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EmoGlass: an End-to-End AI-Enabled Wearable Platform for Enhancing Self-Awareness of Emotional Health

Zihan Yan, Yang Zhang, Yufei Wu, Xiang ‘Anthony’ Chen



Due to the lack of emotional health awareness, emotional disorders are often ignored, leading to potential mental issues. Recent advances in sensing and inference technology provide a viable path to wearable facial-expression-based emotion recognition. However, most prior work has explored only laboratory settings and few platforms are geared towards end-users in everyday lives or provide personalized emotional suggestions to promote self-regulation. This paper presents EmoGlass, an end-to-end wearable platform consisting of emotion detection glasses and an accompanying mobile app. Our single-camera-mounted glasses can detect seven facial expressions based on partial face images. We conducted a three-day out-of-lab study (N=15) to evaluate the performance of EmoGlass. We iterated on the design of the EmoGlass app for effective self-monitoring and awareness of users' daily emotional states. We report quantitative and qualitative findings, based on which we discuss design recommendations for future work on sensing and enhancing awareness of emotional health.

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