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Reducing Cognitive Loads in Parcel Scanning with Eye Tracking-based Augmented Reality Headset

Zihan Yan, Yufei Wu, Yiyang Li, Yifei Shan, Preben Hansen, Xiangdong Li



Parcel scanning in warehouse is a highly frequent task that consists of multiple processes e.g. barcode seeking and scanning, scan result confirming, and parcel relocating. It is cognitively demanding as each process involves a respective level of cognitive loads and fluctuation of cognitive loads would quickly deteriorate human workers’ productivity. Despite many wearable devices were devised for efficiency of parcel scanning, few are aimed at eliminating cognitive loads. We developed the eye tracking-based augmented reality headset with foveated vision detection and smooth pursuit to leverage parallel parcel barcode seeking-scanning and spontaneous scan result confirming, respectively. We recruited 33 participants to investigate how the headset influenced cognitive loads. The results show that the headset maintained high scanning efficiency and lower cognitive loads across the tasks with varying difficulties and it significantly reduced the participants’ cognitive loads during the processes of barcode seeking and scanning and result confirmation. The headset also demonstrated good usability and ease of use.

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