Zihan Yan

Collage of Computer Science

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SenseNet: Designing a Reconfigurable Electronic Net with Stereoscopic Sensing

Lingyun Sun, Zihong Zhou, Qiang Cui, Yinyu Lu, Deying Pan, Jiaji Li, Zihan Yan, Danli, Yang Zhang, Ye Tao, Guanyun Wang



With the recent interest in pervasive computing and natural interaction, the demand for integrating sensing into three-dimensional (3D) forms is growing. However, most popular techniques are focused on the form factor of linear or planar dimensions. We present SenseNet, a rapid and accessible design and fabrication workflow of interconnected sensor construction, which senses 3D meshes and their deformations in real-time. Detailly, we computationally flat 3D models, automatically laser cutting the mesh substrates, easily customize modular sensors and fixtures, which can support reconfigurable assembly with minimal manual efforts. Also, we present an interactive design tool for novice users to customize their desired resolution of shapes and position of sensors effectively. Our technical evaluation suggests that SenseNet can accurately reconstruct dynamic deformations of 3D meshes. Finally, we demonstrate that SenseNet can support a wide variety of applications that demand sensing in 3D forms, such as wearables, home sensing and shape-measuring tool.

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