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ThermoFit: On-Skin, On-Demand Thermoforming of Rigid Body-Fitting Wearables

Guanyun Wang, Yue Yang, Zihan Yan, Qiang Cui, Deying Pan, Danli Luo, Yiming Zhang, Zihong Zhou, Junzhe Ji, Jiaji Li, Ye Tao, Lingyun Sun



ThermoFit presents a design and fabrication pipeline that guides the users through the body-fitting process using commercially available thermoplastic sheet while allowing incorporation of electronic components. The material-driven deformation is achieved manually by thermoforming the sheet to fit body surfaces following the steps of thermo-forming, thermo-stretching, and thermo-bonding at skin-safe temperature. Based on a series of mechanical tests of cut patterns, ThermoFit also includes a design tool to help position the electronic components and circuitry first, followed by introducing different slit patterns for controllable, on-skin, and on-demand deformation. Finally, we showcase the usability of the ThermoFit pipeline by three application examples which demonstrate that ThermoFit can customize, modify, reuse electronics and shapes to different body parts and use cases.

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